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From, A New Teddy Roosevelt by Miles Mathis

First published March 10, 2021

Before we get started, I wish to thank all those who have donated or sent me stuff in the past couple of weeks. It should help in my upcoming move. A lot of people keyed on the coffee suggestion, and I now have enough coffee for the next couple of years. So no more coffee please. We will have to come up with some other ideas.

This paper was born from me rereading my recent paper on McKinley for typos, where I was reminded that Roosevelt used the fake assassination by leftists as an excuse for coming in and cracking down on the entire left side of American society, not only Marxists, but unionists, progressives, and normal Democrats.

And remember two things: one, Roosevelt did this from the Republican party; two, he did it while being sold as a populist and protector of the little man and the middle class. He is still sold as a Progressive Republican, which is a joke. Roosevelt was extremely wealthy and privileged, and, like all Presidents, was a tool of the bankers. Roosevelt's mother was a Stewart, and so was her mother, so he was a Stewart in the maternal line. He was also an Oswald, a Carter, and a Bulloch. And yes, this links us to Lee Harvey Osward, Jimmy Carter, and Sandra Bullock. Roosevelt and all his kin are listed in the British peerage.

I have warned you they are prepping us for another big crackdown on the left, though we are still in the first stages. Since it seems like they are currently cracking down on the right, you may find this hard to believe, but keep reading. I think you will see what I mean if you give me a chance.

Operation Trust was created by the Satanic Bolsheviks to fool the Russian population that the Czar was going to return and that everything that was happening with Lenin, the Kulaks and the gun control was, "part of the plan". To Placate the people so that like frogs they do nothing as the heat is turned up.

Lenin like Stalin was a Satanist and a British Agent. The Kulaks were the farmers who said that if they got rid of the farmers everyone would starve so Lenin "More blood" the Satanist shipped all their sorry asses to Siberian prison camps and made useless collective farms which failed, so everybody starved. He shipped all the Priests to the Siberian camps and made the most Christian nation into Atheists. And of course, Lenin stopped the guns as has happened all over the world.

In the USA Qanon was Operation Trust To Placate the people so that like frogs they do nothing as the heat is turned up who said that Trump would remain as President and that everything bad that happened was part of the plan.

The alternative news sources you are reading or watching like Infowars, Natural News, Zerohedge, Gateway Pundit, Qanon, Louder than Chowderhead, and thousands of others, have redefined these old words out from under you, and the reason they have done that is that they are part of Operation Chaos, just like the mainstream media. Both sides of the argument are controlled by the Satanic Trillionaires.

Miles Mathis says that the Satanic Trillionaires buy and blackmail (Epstein) both sides of the conversation.

The Democrats are all owned.

The Republicans are all owned.

Biden is owned.

Trump is owned.

1. Why did Trump allow Operation Warpspeed to introduce MRNA Gene Bioweapon Vaccines.

2. Why did Trump allow Media censorship - Google, Twitter, Facebook - when he had all the Presidential Power to prevent this?

3. Why did Trump allow the election to be stolen from him by Fake Ballots and Privy Council Lord Molech-Brown Vote Rigging Machines when he had all the Power to retain the Presidency.


This is the Answer - It has long been assumed that Epstein video recorded the sexual encounters with the underage girls that he used in his intelligence activity to blackmail prominent politicians among others. It has been suspected that Ghislaine has at least some of those tapes hidden in a secret location and may be using them to cut a deal with investigators and prosecutors. It now appears that she briefly discussed the tapes with CBS News 60 Minutes producer Ira Rosen, also making clear that there were tapes of both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. The conversation took place in 2016 and she reportedly told Rosen that, given Trump’s involvement in the upcoming election, she would not release any information derived from the tapes relating to Clinton until after the election and she would only do so while also exposing Trump. Up until now, she has done neither.

Attack of the Nihilists - Did Dostoevsky's Demons Predict Satanism, Wokeism, Antifa and the Gender-Benders?

Stavrogin’s situation recalls not only that of Woody Allen and other accused celebrity sex criminals, but also looks forward to the way pedophilia has become the last sexual taboo and hence the last resort for sexual blackmailers. Meyer Lansky, the mob boss who owned J. Edgar Hoover and (indirectly) almost everyone of consequence in the postwar 20th century USA, didn’t need pedophilia; he could blackmail his targets with photos of just about any non-marital liasons. But today, we are living in a world ruled by Jeffrey Epsteins and their Israeli intelligence bosses, who know too well that “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that underage swing.” Even consensual cannibalism and incest are losing their transgressive luster. Our absurdly “sexually liberated” culture, awash in birth control pills and abortions and pornography and viagra and celebration of almost all varieties of deviance, is still ashamed of pedophilia, a century and a half after Nikolai Stavrogin. Apparently the Antichrist hasn’t quite achieved 100% control of our sex lives…at least not yet.

Today, some seek to transcend the banality of secular materialism through wokeness. By joining an ostensibly idealistic movement attempting to radically change society and make history—or better yet, erase history—the wokester lives for something larger and greater than himself, or so he imagines. Such feeble simulacra of spiritual awakenings pale in comparison to the Trillionaire Transhumanist Satanists Kirilov-like planetary suicide attempts currently being engineered by the transhumanist movement and their singularity-seeking allies in genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, artificial life, and nanotechnology. These Trillionaire Transhumanist Satanists, like Kirilov, think they can challenge God by killing themselves… along with the rest of us.


Is Miles Mathis part of Operation Trust too? Miles Mathis says Satanism does not exist, No-one gets killed, Serial killers are fake, Assassinations are fake see JFK, Lincoln etc. etc..

That Biden is part of the plan.. to make everyone angry with his policies, so that conservatism will return.

Do nothing!

Everything is happening as it should!

Don't be frightened.

So when Miles Mathis says "they are prepping us for another big crackdown on the left" understand the opposite "they are prepping us for another big crackdown on the Right"

Russian Communist Revolution sixty millions murdered

Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution one hundred millions murdered

You see, the wars and revolutions of the Satanic Trillionaires do have consequences.

Be Afraid! Be very very Afraid!

Of the consequences of this..

The Great Reset of Klaus, Trillionaire Davos, Schwab - You will have nothing but you Will be happy!

Fake Elections using Fake Ballots and Computerised Vote Rigging Machines run by Satanic Rothschild British Superagent Lord Mark Molech-Brown in every vote-rigged country in the World - forever.

Chinese Social Score total surveillance, total compliance.

Covid Vaccine Bioweapon Genocide and Martial Law

Robot Drones and Terminator Robot Soldiers who Will follow orders

Total Totalitarianism!


Why? Because that is what Satanists do!


Remember - ninety percent of everything everyone says - including Miles Mathis - is the Truth..

There has been a growing revolutionary spirit in this country for many years and the governors know it. So they need to counter it in some way. They need to manufacture an excuse to crush it, but to do that they first have to manufacture support for their planned actions. So, as with the fake McKinley assassination, they have to create an enemy. At the same time, they have to create and control your response, making sure you hate that enemy with a high passion, so that when the enemy is crushed, you will do nothing but cheer. You won't ask any questions, and you won't try to protect any marginal parties that are swept up in that crushing. If a few innocent parties and movements are crushed along with the fake Communists and liberals and radicals, you won't lift a finger, since you will be so glad your country has been “saved”.

To achieve this, they first have to convince you you aren't a leftist or liberal. Although you are in favor of change, you are supposed to think of yourself as a conservative. You are probably for a “cleaning of the swamp”, the swamp being corrupt rich people, including bankers, politicians, big tech, and media. Which should, by definition, put you on the left. Rich people are on the right. Rich people are conservative, since they are trying to protect their privilege. That is what conservative actually means, or used to, before the word was flipped on you. So if you are against these people, you can't be conservative, too.

But in order to control your response, they first have to make you think you are conservative. They have to do that because you are being groomed to hate liberals. But remind yourself of this: the very rich people also hate liberals. The billionaires and Satanic trillionaires and bankers have always hated liberalism, because liberalism threatens their privilege. Liberalism was originally about fairness. It was not about trannies or Antifa or BLM or Communism. It was about equal opportunity and things like that. Look it up if you don't believe me. Liberalism had and has nothing to do with Communism. Communism was invented to blackwash liberalism, and I have proved that beyond any doubt. Liberalism was invented by middle class people fighting against the privilege of the wealthy, while Communism was invented by British Agents Marx and Engels—two superrich Jewish guys from banking families who wished to destroy liberalism, Russia, China, the USA..

Therefore, you should find it sort of odd that you are being trained to hate liberals. You are being trained to hate the same people that very rich people hate. If you don't see what I mean, remember that we have discovered the Satanic trillionaire families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers hiding behind Workers Parties, both in the US and in Europe. The Nazi party was originally supposed to be a workers' party, for instance, but a little digging showed us it was founded by aristocratic families. It was later bankrolled by Satanic trillionaires. Same thing for The International, which was supposed to be a Communist party, fighting for the workers. But it too was founded and run by nobles. And why were these workers' parties founded by the very rich? To infiltrate the opposition and destroy it.

The very rich don't want workers to have any political power, because that just cuts into their profits. The very rich and workers are enemies and always have been. Well, liberalism was invented to lobby for workers, which is why the Satanic trillionaires have always hated it. The rich have always been anti-liberal. So don't you think it is kind of strange that you are being groomed to hate the same people the very rich hate? Don't you think it is kind of strange that the very rich, who are conservative, want you to be conservative, too? Don't you think it is kind of strange that you, a middle-class person being screwed by the rich right now, should be groomed to call himself a conservative and support the Republican party? Doesn't that seem sort of suspicious to you? It should.

So those feeding you information have flipped you again. The alternative news sources you are reading or watching like Infowars, NaturalNews, Zerohedge, Gateway Pundit, Qanon, Louder than Chowderhead, and thousands of others, have redefined these old words out from under you, and the reason they have done that is that they are part of Operation Chaos, just like the mainstream media. Both sides of the argument are controlled by the same people. The governors own and run both the mainstream media and the alternative press, and their top job is confusing you beyond all recognition. They do this by rewriting history, redefining words, and lying all the time about everything. That is what Operation Chaos is. It is the purposeful creation of confusion, a constant mindstir. Because they know that if you are confused enough, you will have to accept their ideas. You won't be capable of forming your own coherent ideas, so you will beg them to insert their ideas in your head.

This idea that you are a conservative is the main idea they have been pushing for several decades, and I just told you why. They have been doing it since the time of Reagan, and Rush Limbaugh was the spearhead of the movement for thirty years. It is the required first step in this game, because in order to hate liberals in the way they have planned for you, you have to think of yourself as a conservative. They have to create a split. You have to pick a side.

Once you have been convinced you are conservative, the next step is making you hate liberals with a white-hot passion. In 2020 this project went into highest gear. The governors manufactured a lot of fake groups like BLM, #Metoo, Antifa, SJW, trannies, and on and on, all for you to practice your hate on. Stories were planted both in the mainstream and alternative presses to convince you these groups were real and that they were a real threat to you and your family. Literally millions of agents were mobilized all over the country, and not only as guys in hoodies throwing bricks. They were planted in schoolboards, in academia, and in government agencies at all levels, to promote chaos and foment discord. They were instructed to say the stupidest things possible and to promote the most outrageous reforms possible, like defunding the police, sex changes for children, legalizing pedophilia, and so on. Yes, this has all been planned. The insanity has not been an accident. It is all scripted to call out a response from you.

But let me tell you a little secret: it is not just conservatives that are against all these things. Almost everyone is against them. Most real people are violently opposed to the current state of things, including leftists, liberals, and progressives. No one is really for it, except for the paid actors on TV. And those people are not real liberals. As I have said, liberalism has nothing to do with trannies, pedophilia, Communism, or any of this other stuff. It is just a very obvious way to blackwash the left.

I'll tell you another secret: most of the trannies aren't even real. They are just actors. They are cross- dressing actors pretending to be trannies. They are there to stir you up on purpose.

And another secret: all those people making comments online on Facebook, Twitter, and other places, aren't real, either. Those comments are being manufactured out of Langley and the hundreds of psychological operations units on military bases all over the country. That is part of Operation Chaos as well. They are stirring you up on purpose, making you hate liberals and pushing you right.

That also goes for the politicians in Washington and the talking heads on TV at CNN or wherever. Those people are also actors, and their jobs are making you hate them. You are supposed to hate them. Pelosi doesn't just accidentally look and act like a witch, saying all the wrong things. That is her job. Biden isn't just accidentally doing everything wrong all at once. That is his job. Like everyone else, he is reading from a script. It is a planned fail.

Yes, it is all theater, and both sides know it, both the Republicans and the Democrats, both CNN and Fox, both the mainstream media and the alternative media. They are all in on it.

Right now that may be hard to see, because they haven't pulled the plug yet. They haven't moved this play into the final act. Which is why I am pointing you back to Teddy Roosevelt, so that you can see the whole story from a distance. They are doing the same thing now that they did then, but in a far bigger way. The media is a thousand times larger, and so is Intelligence, so they can make the play far bigger and brighter this time around. They can drown you in a sea of propaganda 24/7, so that you can barely remember your own name, much less resist their stories.

But the final act in this play will be some variation of the usual one, and we know since they have done it hundreds of times, not just with Roosevelt. It now looks like Trump is being groomed as the new Teddy Roosevelt, and at some point—maybe this year or maybe in 2024—he will ride in and save the country from the terrible leftists, scattering the trannies and the big tech monsters and the Communists and the “leftists and liberals” of all shapes and sizes. The swamp will appear to be cleansed, as perhaps a few bankers are sent to country club jails, but in reality nothing will happen in that regard.
(Operation Trust? Just like Qanon, it's all part of the plan.)

What will happen is what happened with Roosevelt: all the real revolutionaries will be mopped up with the fake ones, and the middle class will be fooled and diverted one more time. The unions will be trampled on again, made to look like the bad guys. All margins will be trimmed, since even with a restoration of free speech, the middle class will have been trained to detest anyone speaking out against the “new prosperity”. All revolutionary spirit will have been quashed, since the middle class will believe the revolution just occurred. As usual, a real revolution will be prevented by a fake one. The people will think they have just been saved from Communism by the Republican party. They will think the swamp has been cleansed. They may think a world war has been diverted. But, as with Roosevelt, none of things will have really occurred, since the ruling class will continue ruling and the peasants will remain the peasants. Income disparity will not change, it will just be swept under the rug, covered over perhaps by a raised minimum wage or a tax on the rich (which will be just on paper—no rich people will actually pay it).

The middle class has been fooled over and over in the 19th and 20th centuries by these stageplays, and it is being fooled again. Remember The Who's “Won't get fooled again”? Oh, yes you will, and I know because The Who were also nobles, from the same families that are fooling you. As I say, they control both sides, and are always sure to provide their own opposition. They create all the pretend revolutionaries, including these bands.

The Who.. Don't get fooled again!

I mean, please look closely at that guy. Open your eyes and see what is there. He has fooled you again.

For those who are interested in a little more history here, I am going to look more closely at Teddy Roosevelt. scrubs his great-grandfather General Daniel McLaughlin Stewart, but it is easy to find more information on him. His mother was Susanna Bacon, also linking us to the Bacons of the peerage, including Sir Francis Bacon. Teddy's grandmother was a Campbell. These Stewarts soon become Stuarts at, at which point they are scrubbed there. But they forget to scrub the Campbells, admitting they are the Lords of Argyll, taking us back to the Dukes of Argyll. Tim Dowling at Geneanet also scrubs Daniel Stewart, but not before admitting they are cousins. Which proves by itself that these are the Stuarts, kings of England and Scotland. Tim Dowling is just one step from the royal line, so anyone related to Dowling is also related to the Stuart kings. So we know without further study that Teddy Roosevelt is a direct descendant of the kings of England and Scotland, taking him back to William the Conqueror and Charlemagne, as usual.

Everything you are taught about Teddy is upside down to the truth. You are taught he was a swashbuckling military man, but that was all a pose, as with Reagan and his horses. Roosevelt was actually a sickly child with asthma, who later became a fat-ass. He was also a ghoul, since he liked to collect dead animals as a child. He later became a big-game hunter, stuffing them and putting them on his walls. Can you imagine shooting a beautiful leopard and stuffing him? Do you think any healthy person would enjoy doing that? “Look at that gorgeous leopard, I think I will blow his brains out and put his dead corpse over my mantle”.

Roosevelt said, "My father, Theodore Roosevelt, was the best man I ever knew. He combined strength and courage with gentleness, tenderness, and great unselfishness. He would not tolerate in us children selfishness or cruelty, idleness, cowardice, or untruthfulness."

No cruelty. . . except for gently and tenderly tracking defenseless tigers and leopards and murdering them for sport.

At Wikipedia, on his father's page, we are told Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., was on the board of Roosevelt and Son, which was a “plate glass importing business”. Hah. Except that in the sidebar, they have a link to Roosevelt and Son, where they admit it was one of the oldest investment banking houses on Wall Street. These Roosevelts also founded Chemical Bank in 1824.

Although Teddy never went to school and knew nothing about math or classical languages, he was given a bye into Harvard. He was initiated into the Porcellian Club, which is apropos since their mascot is a pig. Porcellian is Harvard's analog to Skull and Bones. Norman Mailer later claimed it would have been unthinkable for a Jew to be in the Porcellian, but that is the usual joke. What he meant was that the Porcellian was only for crypto-Jews from the highest levels of the peerage.

While still in law school, Teddy ran for New York state assembly, winning. He dropped out of Columbia Law to take his seat. At age 23 he was also a published author, publishing The Naval War of 1812. There is no way he actually wrote this, but that is the story. They admit he was “assisted” by two uncles, but they don't admit that Teddy had almost nothing to do with writing it. But the promotion Teddy enjoyed was incredible: the Navy ordered that a copy of the book be on every ship.

Teddy's first wife, Alice Hathaway Lee, was also a Cabot, Paine, Clark, Greene, Rose, Taylor, and Watts. Her father was the big banker George Cabot Lee. The Cabots were huge East India Company shipowners from Salem, and we have already seen their family involved in the Salem Witch hoax. They also link us to Barbados. Alice and Teddy met October 18, aces and eights, Chai. She allegedly

died after childbirth, and I say allegedly because Teddy later wrote her out of his autobiography and biography. I can't make sense of that. It was a sad death, of course, but why write her out of his biography? There must be something we aren't being told.

In his late 20s Teddy bought a ranch in the Dakotas, trying to sell himself as a cowboy. The historians admit that the real cowboys weren't too impressed by Roosevelt. Reminds us of the Beach Boys, who were detested by real surfers, who thought they were pussies. After murdering a few poor bison, Roosevelt reinvented himself as a wilderness hunter, and wrote (or paid someone to write) three books selling himself as a tough guy, including one entitled Wilderness Hunter. You have to laugh. Our Harvard Porker is now a Wilderness Hunter.

Like all Wilderness Hunters do, Teddy ran for Governor of New York in 1886. . . but he got slaughtered. Having so far done nothing in his life but front fake books and shoot a few buffalo, Teddy was appointed to the US Civil Service Commission in 1889 at age 30—another sinecure. When that was over, he was appointed to the board of the New York City Police Commissioners in 1894. Yet another sinecure. We are told that in both positions Teddy was a “radical reformer”, but if you believe that you need serious help from somewhere.

Roosevelt made a habit of walking officers' beats late at night and early in the morning to make sure that they were on duty.

Yeah, right. And I guess he carried a buffalo rifle while doing it.

Urged by Congressman Henry Cabot Lodge, President McKinley appointed Roosevelt as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1897.

Hmmm. I wonder if it helped that his wife was a Cabot? It was in this position that Roosevelt took part in the USS Maine false flag, telling the press that Spain was behind it when in fact the US was behind it. We are supposed to believe that Roosevelt went over the head of his boss, Secretary of the Navy John Long, ordering the fleet to prepare for war. Admiral of the Fleet George Dewey later credited America's victory in the Spanish-American War to Roosevelt. Of course this was just a good cop/bad cop play, meant to take pressure off Long and McKinley and Congress, who of course played along. If anything had gone wrong with the false flag, they could have pinned the blame on Roosevelt. As it turned out, the event did nothing but shine Roosevelt's star, which was the planned outcome. As a fat-assed Roosevelt and Stuart, he was being groomed all along.

The next section is the most ridiculous in Teddy's fake career, since he quit the Department of the Navy to start the Rough Riders. Just look at him. He looks like Wilford Brimley about to sell you some Quaker Oats. Are we supposed to believe those spectacles are a sign of roughness? Are those wilderness spectacles? Funny, since I had always thought they were used for studying bank drafts or debit sheets. The pince-nez is only good for looking cross-eyed at an order on a piece of paper from your superior, since they have no peripheral vision. You would completely miss an enemy riding up on your flank.

Though he had never been in the military, Teddy-boy was “promoted to colonel”. Promoted by whom? And promoted for what and from what? Normally you are promoted to colonel from major or from lt. colonel, but Teddy had never even been a private. So this is all just another fiction. Teddy later claimed he had been in the National Guard, but when was that? His Wikipedia page conspicuously fails to mention it.

Diversity characterized the regiment, which included Ivy Leaguers, professional and amateur athletes, upscale gentlemen. . .

Again, you have to laugh. In the summer of 1898, these people allegedly landed in Daiquiri, Cuba, as part of this manufactured war. I guess it was either Daiquiri or Pina Colada, Cuba.

The Rough Riders had a short, minor skirmish known as the Battle of Las Guasimas:

The subtext to that illustration at Wikipedia reads:

The Battle of Las Guasimas, June 24 -

can be seen 2d from left of standing

soldiers in this fanciful sketch of the 'Rough Riders'" in Harper's Pictorial History of the War with Spain, 1899.

More like the Battle of Lost Gassiness. Notice that they call it a “fanciful” sketch. Meaning a fictional one. You can be sure the Spanish never had any soldiers on the island of Cuba at all. Like the fake attack on the Maine and the later fake Bay of Pigs invasion, you can be sure this was made up wholesale by the Hearst newspapers. And notice one other thing: Teddy was added to that illustration later. He is nothing but a floating head.

The Army has always known this was a fake, and they blocked Teddy's Medal of Honor for Kettle Hill for 103 years. Finally, in 2001, probably thanks to Donald Rumsfeld, Teddy finally got his medal. I guess they opened up his grave and pinned it on his skeleton.

Teddy's Cuba story reminds us of Churchill's South Africa story of a year later, where Churchill—as a reporter—was allegedly captured by the Boers and held in a POW camp for a month before escaping. That story is just as fanciful as Roosevelt's Cuba story, and it illustrates how similar Churchill and Roosevelt really were. Roosevelt famously detested Churchill, but probably because he and Churchill were carbon copies from the Families: both superrich Stuarts, both short and fat, both pathetic big- game hunters in Africa—murdering white rhinos and other rare animals, both publicity hounds and weavers of tall tales (ie liars) whose entire lives were manufactured by military intelligence and the Jewish historians. Both desperately wanted to be seen as military men, but weren't. Neither one could have fought his way out of a paper sack. Neither one ever did anything but promote their banker cousins and push the big Phoenician lie forward a few more decades.

Teddy was only a Rough Rider for a few weeks, but given all the promotion, you would have thought he was fighting in Cuban jungles for years. Upon his return to the States, he immediately ran for Governor of New York again, which explains the promotion. They needed to pad out his resume a bit, since he had never really done anything except get appointed to posts for which he had no

qualifications. He was still only 39, with a baby face and a fat ass. He was always short and pudgy, with no neck. They try to sell him as 5'8”, but he wasn't over 5'4”. He couldn't have been a good boxer, since his reach would have been extremely short, and as a short fat guy he would be slower than molasses.

Despite having been in Cuba for about a month, Teddy campaigned on his “war record”, still only winning by less than 1%. Meaning, the election was probably stolen. They admit he immediately became the flunky and puppet of Thomas Collier Platt, mob boss of New York. The Platts were rich Jewish weavers in England who hit the big time in the late 19th century when one of them married Lt. Gen. Sir John Spencer Ewart, who was both a Spencer and a Stewart. Their daughter married a Baron Monro, linking us the Vaughans, Earls of Lisburne, who link us to the Somersets, Dukes of Beaufort, who link us to the Stuarts. The Platts of New York were also Barstows of Yorkshire, linking us to these peerage Platts of England. This links us to the Maudes, Viscounts Hawarden, who link us to the Montagus, and therefore George Washington. The Maudes also link us to the Moncks, Dukes of Albemarle, who link us to the Stanleys. Platt married his cousin Lucy Barstow. His mother Lesbia is scrubbed at both Geni and Wikipedia, but she was a Hinchman and a Livingston. The Hinchmans were really Henchmans, and had been marrying Platts for centuries. So Platt's parents were cousins as well. They were not only Livingstons but Douglases, from the Earls of Queensbury. This also links us to the Flemings, Kerrs, and Maxwells, as well as to the Stuarts.

Which means the Platts are partially scrubbed in the peerage to hide the fact they are really Pratts. Platt=Pratt. Maybe they are part Japanese: the Japanese can't distinguish between the letters “l” and “r”. They are linked to the same families, including the Molesworths, Stewarts, and Hamiltons. Which gives me the opportunity to remind you that the Pratts were the Marquesses of Camden, related to the Murrays, Stanleys, Spencer-Churchills, Drummonds, Nevilles, and Schoenbrunns—linking them to the Habsburgs. The Pratts hit the big time in 1749 when Charles Pratt married a Jeffreys, who was really a Herbert, of the Earls of Pembroke. Charles Pratt became Lord Chancellor and 1st Earl of Camden. The US Pratts are also in the peerage, see for example Dale Pratt, related to the Lambourns. Boris Karloff and Quentin Crisp were Pratts. Charles Pratt founded Astral Oil, which became a part of Standard Oil in 1874. H. H. Rogers came into Standard Oil from Astral. We are told Charles' father Asa was a carpenter, the usual joke. These are the Pratts of Massachusetts, related to Rockwells, Chamberlains, Leonards, and Hardings, and they were not carpenters. These Pratts are cousins of the Pratts of England and the peerage, and we can link them through Broadhembury and Ottery St. Mary, east of Exeter, where they have been living for centuries. The Pratts of the US came from Broadhembury around 1600 to settle the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and the Pratts of the British peerage were still in Ottery St. Mary in the 1800s. The two towns are just are about four miles apart.

So. . . Platt and Roosevelt were cousins, both being Stuarts. But Roosevelt outranked Platt in the all- important Stuart line, which is why he ended up being President, while Platt topped out as Senator. And this is why Teddy was a Porcellian at Harvard and Franklin Roosevelt wasn't: Teddy's mother was Stuart and Franklin's mother wasn't. Blood is much much thicker than merit. Just ask Bill Gates or Elon Musk or George Bush.

Which brings us back to that. If you want anything to be based on merit, being a conservative won't help you. Being a conservative puts you in the same camp as the Bushes and Gates, where everything is blood and nothing is merit. As we have seen, Teddy Roosevelt never proceeded on merit, he proceeded on a series of byes and fictions. That is how their world works. You will say the liberals aren't interested in merit, either, and if you mean the Democratic party, you are right. No one running things on either side currently has any any interest in merit. It is spy versus spy and conjob versus

conjob. So if you want things to get better, you have to give up completely on all these rich people on both sides trying to scam you. A third party started by some Ross Perot won't help, either, remember. You have to disentangle yourself completely from these rich people and their hidden cousins. You should never trust them again, even on the smallest issues. They can't be trusted to tell you the correct time.

I get emails from prominent people who don't understand what I am up to. They tell me that given my talents, I am just making things hard on myself. Why would I purposefully pick a losing side here? What do I have in common with the schlumps slouching around in their masks, happily begging for more rules, asking no questions? They tell me I have some distant links to the rulers I am not aware of, and that I am not using. They tell me that, based on my looks and my abilities, I must be “high blooded”, so why would I become the champion of the low blooded? Maybe it is because, in the end, I am not the champion of anyone but myself. I am defending myself, first and foremost, and to do that I have to take on the peers who have closed me out of the top levels. If I have any rank, it is low, so like you I was expected to do what I was told. If I wanted to be an artist, for instance, I should have embraced Modernism and helped push that project forward. If I wanted to be scientist, the same thing applies: I should follow orders and push the projects forward without question. I am not a Stuart, so I am predestined to be a footsoldier.

But that wasn't good enough for me. I don't believe in blood or in predestination. Or, if I believe in either one, I believe in a different sort than they believe in. I believe in rankings, but not their fake rankings. No matter what the genealogies say, I can tell their blood is bad. It doesn't take any special Spidey sense to see that. I was not made to take orders from the likes of them, and I knew that from the cradle. I have more nascent nobility in one earlobe than those people have seen in generations of their debased families. Why? I don't know, I just know that is how it is.

Actually I do know, in part. I know that part of real nobility is noblesse oblige, which these people no longer believe in. Noblesse oblige means that a primary and defining characteristic of nobility concerns caring for those below you and not taking advantage of them. If you are blessed to rule, you are obliged to rule beneficently. Those with real nobility of blood know this without being taught. It is part of their DNA. It is how you can tell if they are really noble or not. I got it from both my lines, since my parents exercised noblesse oblige without ever being prompted. They cared for those less fortunate, not because they were told to by leaders or pastors, but because it was something they couldn't help doing. Even while watching sports, my father would always pull for the underdog, and I didn't understand why until later. He couldn't help it. It was just part of his make-up.

So while I admit that I don't have much in common with most middle or lower class people—in that we don't have many interests in common or much to talk about—I am on their side despite that. As a real artist, I don't have much in common with anyone of any class. No one is on my side, so if I pick a side, it isn't to fit in or to promote “my people”. I have no people and don't fit in anywhere, so my choice isn't based on that. I have chosen to fight the privileged because they have chosen to squash me along with all the others, and I don't like it. But it is more than that, as you now understand. I see the current fake nobility preying on the lower classes, and I find it revolting. My blood literally revolts at the idea. In part, it is a matter of pride: I like to think I have enough brains and ability to advance without squashing anyone along the way. I don't need to steal anyone's money, since I should be able to make my own way, without ever once relying on a con. If I can't make it honestly, I would rather just climb on a mountaintop and expose myself to the elements.

Real nobles don't need to cheat and steal in order to advance. Real high blood carries with it real

ability, and those with real ability can advance honestly, while at the same time helping those below them on the ladder. That isn't just a theory, since I do it every day. I do my art and science and other jobs, while helping others along the way. If I can do it with almost no money and no support, why can't those with far more privilege than me? Why are the billionaires always soaking the poor and the middle class? Other than a couple of extra bicycles and kittens, I have no excess wealth, so why do these people need so much?

But back to Teddy. His second wife was another cousin, Edith Kermit Carow. She was also a Tyler and a Cleveland, linking her to Presidents Tyler and Cleveland as well as to her grandfather Daniel Tyler, Union general and business tycoon. He was the president of five railroads and a big manufacturer of iron, which of course he sold to the railroads. Remember that, because we will see Teddy dancing with the railroads in a moment. The Kermits were also big shipowners, running the Red Star Line. They also ran the Mutual Insurance Company and the Knickerbocker Fire Insurance Company. This should remind you of my papers on the Titanic and the Lusitania, where we found major shipping lines running huge scams with insurance companies. Of course it helps when the same people own both the shipping lines and the insurance companies. That way they can insure their own ships, pretend to sink them, and then force lesser partners to cover the costs.

The Carows, Kermits, and Whitneys were business partners, and were of course related through marriage as well. The Carows were really Quereaus and Quantins. The Quereaus were linked to the Clements and Chases of New York. Through the Quantins, they are probably linked to the Quandts of Germany, who we saw in my paper on Hitler's genealogy. They were billionaire Jews who bankrolled the Nazis, along with the Thyssens and others.

Wikipedia cryptically admits that Edith Roosevelt became “close friends” with Henry Adams around 1889. This is when Teddy was 39 and Henry was 51. This is made more suspicious in that Adams' wife Clover Hooper had committed suicide just three years earlier, due to his philandering. He was famously cavorting with Elizabeth Bancroft Sherman Cameron (below), the stunning niece of general Sherman and the wife of Senator Cameron, 24 years her senior. The historians assure us their relationship was platonic only and that Clover trusted Adams, but that is highly unlikely. Also of interest here is that Elizabeth's daughter Martha married Ronald Lindsay, of the Earls of Crawford.


More indication that Adams was bedding Roosevelt's wife as well is the fact that Teddy later wrote his marriage to Edith out of his biography as well. In his later years he didn't like to talk about either Edith or his first wife Alice, which you have to admit is strange. On her side, Edith destroyed all her correspondence with Teddy. Teddy and Edith basically separated after his terms as President, indicating the relationship was mostly for the papers.

These strange relationships with his wives lead one to ask the usual question: was he gay? You will tell me he had a lot of kids, but that isn't an answer. Many gay men have children. A search on this question takes us first to a satire at The Onion, jokingly confirming it. You will say that means nothing, and maybe it doesn't. But it wouldn't be the first time we have caught The Onion hiding the truth behind a joke.

We may assume that Franklin Roosevelt was gay, since—after writing against homosexuality in the Armed Forces as Assistant Secretary of the Navy—he nonetheless married a gay woman. Franklin not only wrote against gays in the Ladies' Home Journal, he actually devised a project for the Navy to entrap them. Yes, Franklin Roosevelt led a big and famous sting operation against gays. We aren't told what he did to entrap them, or what he personally did to them once he discovered them. Maybe he took them to a Broadway show? We do know that to fully entrap these Navy men, the officers in ONI, Naval Intelligence, had to “engage in sex to orgasmic completion”. That's convenient, isn't it? Did that also prove the Intelligence officers were gay, and if not why not?

I found no evidence or even rumors of Teddy being gay, and the fact that his first wife was such a stunner seems to refute the idea. But you have to admit that some things don't add up in his bio. If Edith was playing with Henry Adams, and if Teddy was straight, he should have been linked to someone, too. Let me know what you find. I didn't dig very much here, since I don't really give a damn.

Roosevelt's greatest legacy is often given as his use of the Sherman Antitrust Act to break up Standard Oil and other monopolies. Except that, in hindsight, we can see that the splitting of Standard Oil did nothing to limit its power or that of the Rockefellers. Just the reverse in fact, since the splitting was cosmetic only. The separate companies could not be forced to compete with one another, since the same families were still behind them all. You can force companies to split, but you can't force families to split. The Rockefellers just used the apparent split as an excuse to buy out still more oil companies. For instance, Jersey Standard remained the largest oil company in the world, soon buying out Humble. Socony began its takeover of Magnolia and then Vacuum, undeterred by any split. Amoco, Chevron, Exxon and Mobil all continued to grow, unhampered by any fake competition, and of course Exxon and Mobil later re-merged, with no complaints from the government. To answer this fake antitrust legislation, the Rockefellers were only forced to come up with some new tricks, which the government then decided to ignore. Their current trick is huge investment and holding companies, whose owners don't even have to be listed. The Rockefellers and other big families are allowed to hide behind a bunch of names like Blackrock, State Street, Fidelity, and a dozen others, so you see that they actually have embraced the splits. The splits and multiple names just make it easier for them to hide.

Roosevelt is sold as progressive, but he wasn't progressive in the Coal Strike of 1902, where he forced compliance by threatening the strikers with federal troops and long jail sentences. Roosevelt actually acted like what he was: an arm of J. P. Morgan. In return for being allowed to ignore any and all unions, Morgan agreed to pay the miners a bit more, though nothing like what they were asking. It was a huge loss for the miners, just as you would expect, since the government had permanently destroyed

their future bargaining power. The Morgans lost nothing, since although they paid the workers a bit more, the price of coal went up, covering those costs and more. As usual, the rich found a way to profit from a workers' strike.

Since the rich owners also owned the newspapers, they could control public opinion, which they did by claiming the miners had killed 21 people during the strikes. The miners had actually killed no one. The only casualties were among the miners themselves, being beaten and sometimes killed by the owners. The owners were allowed to hire and equip their own private police forces, but of course the unions were not. This was strictly unconstitutional, since companies are not allowed to create their own armies.

Even these partial successes of the unions in the early part of the 20th century were too much for the capitalists, who saw the best way to deal with them was through infiltration. In the succeeding decades all the major unions were infiltrated and detoothed from within, by moles in management. As in every other walk of life, the capitalists have secretly installed their own people in all the crucial positions, and the rank and file either have not noticed, or they have been ineffective in countering this infiltration. Once infiltrated, these groups are almost impossible to cleanse, since they are driven from the top down. As with the army, the top brass cannot be dislodged by anything short of a total revolution.

Also remind yourself that despite being sold as a regulator of big business and a progressive Republican (snort guffaw), Roosevelt presided over the manufactured Panic of 1907 and the founding of the Federal Reserve. He also allowed J. P. Morgan to take over TC&I, which of course was a huge consolidation of wealth and a move toward monopoly. Remind yourself that Roosevelt's family was stiff with big bankers and railroad men, and then ask yourself if you think he was really regulating banks, railroads, oil, and all the rest. Or was it just a big smokescreen, like now? I think you know the answer. When big business allows any apparent regulation by the government, it is only to prevent real regulation from occurring, and to prevent a market backlash from consumers. The capitalists have to convince the public that they are being regulated, when no real regulation is going on. That was the story of the entire 20th century, and is still the story, except that the capitalists no longer even pretend to be regulated. It is now a free-for-all and everyone knows it.

But in the time of Roosevelt, the go-to con was similar to the cons of the past two decades, including the extreme treasury dips, I mean government bailouts. The faked collapses of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and other big companies mirrored the fake collapses of Knickerbocker Trust and other banks in 1907. At the recommendation of J. P. Morgan, US Secretary of the Treasury George Cortelyou— appointed by Roosevelt of course—began depositing money from the national treasury directly into these private banks. That tells you all you need to know, since that was the secondary point of the con. These institutions either pretended to be insolvent or threatened by bank runs, in order to tap the US Treasury. Taxpayers then covered the losses of these bankers—real or imagined, and probably imagined. The big bankers run these schemes every couple of decades, and the public never catches on that it is just a big heist in full view. Remember, the same J. P. Morgan had done almost the same thing in the Panic of 1893, just 14 years earlier, when he manufactured a similar crisis with his buddies in order to drink from the treasury and gobble up some smaller competitors. Since he owned everyone in government, he could work hand in glove with them on these thefts, with no fear of being caught.

I say “secondary point” of the con, since the primary point of the manufactured Panic of 1907 was to make the theft even easier by allowing these private banks to take over the treasury directly. That way they wouldn't have to pay off the Secretary of the Treasury, the President, or anyone in Congress. With the creation of the Federal Reserve, they would just install their own people as controllers of all federal money. At that point, it was like your taxdollars had just been directly deposited in these private banks, but the money had no one's name on it as an account holder. It was basically J. P. Morgan's money at that point, and he could do with it as he pleased. Of course, what pleased him most was taking that money and loaning it back to the US government at interest. Yes, these bankers took National money and loaned it back to the Nation at interest! And no one thought that was strange. I'm just surprised they didn't call it philanthropy.

The Federal Reserve also controls the money printing, since the Treasury prints whatever it is told to and just gives it to the Federal Reserve, at manufacturing cost. Meaning, the Fed buys money from the Treasury, but not at face value. It pays only the cost of the paper and printing, which is minimal. In effect, this gives the bankers an infinite supply of free money, limited only by inflation and other factors. Of course this makes all debt a total mirage, since it is just a number the bankers come up with to suit themselves. It is basically the amount of theft they think they can get away with at any one time. But they could evaporate the entire national debt any time they wished, by simply subtracting it from their infinite future wealth. It wouldn't affect them at all, other than by making them Satanic trillionaires instead of quadrillionaires: not one of them would have to sell a single car or boat or house.

The truth is, these families stole so much money from worldwide treasuries in the 20th century, they could forgive all debt AND move taxes to zero, and the entire world could run on their private bank accounts for many decades. If we got rid of all military and Intelligence bloat, we could run the world on their private accounts for centuries.

In that sense, everything you have been told about the Federal Reserve and the wealthy families doesn't even get near the truth.

The most “outlandish” conspiracy theories haven't even approached the real state of things, and that is because for 10,000 years those theories have been controlled by the Satanic Phoenician Families, like everything else. Yes, they have controlled even their own outing - always a limited hangout.

This explains how the Satanic Phoenician Families could collapse all the world economies in 2020 with no danger to themselves. They have so much wealth squirreled away, they could live on it for literally thousands of years. They know their wealth, money in itself is only as great as what they can buy with it, the Media Mind Control and the servant people who know what to do, the food supply, the water, the commodities - the elements they mine, and the scientific knowledge to make use of all that.

So they have no fear of any financial reversals. They are beyond that. The only things they fear are running out of the Media Mind Control and the servant people who know what to do, the food supply, the water, the commodities - the elements they mine, and the scientific knowledge to make use of all that, ice ages, meteor impacts.

And the off chance you may decide to take back what they have taken, except the Satanic Phoenician Families owning both sides of the conversation - the false propaganda Hegelian Dialectic pitting one false side against another false side for thousands of years has created a, "Matrix which has been pulled over your eyes to hide you from the Truth" - The Matrix.

But the revolutionary spirit exhibited in the past year has calmed their fears in regards to the last. If they ever feared a mass awakening, 2020 put that to rest.

You may think that is good news for the Satanic Phoenician Families and bad news for you, but it isn't good news for the Satanic Phoenician Families.

As I have said, there is no good news for the Satanic Phoenician Families, except financial.

Yes, their hoards would appear to be safe from anti-plunder, but that doesn't mean their future looks bright. They may have placed themselves beyond your reach, but they have not placed themselves beyond the reach of Mother Nature and of God.

Mother Nature hates them, and is hating them more with each passing year. And I don't mean in a Greta Thunberg sense. Greta is just another tool of the Satanic Phoenician Families, of course, to sell you Global Warming.

But the sort of warming on the horizon for the Satanic Phoenician Families is of a different sort altogether. The Globe will do just fine, including the polar bears, but the Satanic Phoenician Families will not. How do I know? Because they aren't doing fine now and have never done fine. They have always been cursed, are cursed, and will continue to be cursed at ever rising levels, until they at last discover what this life is really about. It isn't about hoarding cash. It isn't about stealing from your neighbors. It isn't about piling up excess wealth. It isn't about lying all the time about everything.

In short, Satanists, their Satanic recruits and their Satanic recruits who turned themselves into Satanists in past lifetimes and have now forgotten, or anyone who has been implanted with an evil energy blockage and does not know it or know how to remove it, continue to turn themselves into Satanic Psychopathic ghouls, and no amount of present or future money can make that look pretty.

We have all been corrupted over lifetimes of evolution. We have all been satanists in past lifetimes. So we who found it difficult to be satanists. We who were too Good to be Bad, struggle to purify ourselves of evil energy blockages to make ourselves gooder.

What I am saying is that we human beings are all in the same boat, learning psychically to purify our psychic bodies so we can further cleave to the light. To further get into alignment with the will of God, of Mother Nature.

A poor angel is still an angel, and a Satanic Psychopathic ghoul in front of an infinite pile of cash is still a Satanic Psychopathic ghoul. Their ultimate punishment is that they have to be themselves.

You get to be you and I get to be me, but they have to be Satanic Psychopathic ghouls. They have to get up every morning and look at a Satanic Psychopathic ghoul in the mirror, which is a punishment far worse than death. It is a punishment they can't escape, which explains why they can't sleep and why like the picture of Dorian Grey they age so poorly. This is how Mother Nature deals with them, and she is far more pitiless than any human judge.

I say they can't escape it, but that is only assuming they continue on as before. If they stop acting like Satanic Psychopathic ghouls, they will stop being Satanic Psychopathic ghouls and the curse will immediately be lifted.

They may yet avoid looking like Emperor Palpatine.

So why can't they learn this simple lesson, a lesson taught by all the major and minor religions, and a lesson still taught by many of their own Hollywood movies? Proving they know it.

Why do they cling to money and lies so greedily, when everyone knows that isn't the way? How do they get off track and why can't they get back on?

Perhaps because their Satanic Religion teaches them to lie and steal spiritual energy from humanity by creating implant energy blockages and through hideous Satanic rituals which change them into psychopaths by implanting energy blockages in themselves in those rituals, cutting them off from God.

Energy Blockages are evil. In a way, the whole effort of evolution, as opposed to evilution, is to learn how to remove evil energy blockages from your psychic body and the psychic body of humanity. To learn how to cleave further to the will of God. How to glorify this life through increasing the strength of your goodness, the size of your Angel talent body, the goodness of humanity, the size and strength of the Angel Talent body of all humanity.

Perhaps because they are Satanically taught early on and they teach their Satanic recruits that money and lies are the only or easiest ways they can get esteem, both the esteem of others and self-esteem. They only figure out later that real esteem can't be gotten that way, and by then they feel trapped by their prior bad decisions. Real esteem, especially self-esteem, can only be gotten by real achievement, since you can't fool yourself. You know who you are, if no one else does.

But how can that be turned around? Aren't big mistakes irreversible? Nope. No mistake is irreversible. There is always atonement and forgiveness, provided you ask for it and work for it. Of course you have to work just as hard for the atonement as you did for the money and lies. You can't reverse a lifetime of Satanic Psychopathic ghoulishness by an apology and single day of contrition. A deathbed conversion won't cut it, so you better get busy now. Every good deed you get done in this lifetime will save you some misery in your next life. If you are one of these people, you are guaranteed to be born into some big hole in your next life, but you can start filling in that hole now. It carries over. Every pail full you shovel in now will make your next hole shallower.

How do I know? Same way you know. We all know, and you know it.

And by that I don't mean that the Bible or the Koran or some other book tells us. Nor do I mean that our parents teach us that. I mean that we are born knowing.

"They know!" Sosan, the third Zen patriarch.

Birds are born knowing how to fly, cats are born knowing how to fall, and humans are born knowing good from bad, right from wrong.

If birds didn't already know how to fly, their mothers couldn't teach them. A mother bird does little more than push the chicks out of the nest, which isn't much of an education. And have you ever seen a mother cat teaching her kittens how to fall? Of course not. In most respects, a human education is hardly more than that. Almost everything you “learn” of any consequence you were born knowing. If you didn't already know it, you couldn't be taught to do it.

You don't learn to walk and talk, for instance, you simply start doing it, like a bird flying. It is the same for social behavior, which is just as innate.

Do ants have to be taught to work for the anthill or the queen? Do dogs have to be taught to protect babies or bark at intruders? No they don't, and humans are the same sort of social creatures, with altruism baked right in.

It is that baked-in altruism that makes them feel bad when they do wrong, not any moral code they are taught. Humans are smart enough to recognize when they are hurting the group and those around them, and that recognition naturally stirs a negative response. That response can only be ignored or squelched with dire consequences to both the group and the individual. But it is precisely that response that is being suppressed by these Satanic rich predators. They have to suppress by the implantation of evil energy blockages in their Satanic rituals to get rich. It is that evil satanic energy blockage suppression that turns on them, eating them away from the inside out.

The 10,000 years old Satanic religion, it's psychic powers born of satanic style meditation and it's ability to create of evil energy mind control blockages condemn it's adherents to lifetimes of evil karma payback.

That is the way Mother Nature and God works to karmicly punish Satanists, teaching them the painful futility of going against Mother Nature. Teaching them that they can only do the right and good thing without evil consequences to themselves and others.

This is the evolutionary teaching of being given free will.

The free will to get into alignment with the Will of God.

To Only be able do the right and good thing - because it is your God-like Mother Nature.

Because you are made in the Image of God - Imago Dei!

You cannot suppress a God given, Angel inspired, natural good instinct without consequences, because you cannot turn off Mother Nature.

She will never go away and leave you alone. As a social creature, you are supplied with an indelible set of instructions that you must obey. A human is no more capable of rewriting his code than any other animal is, despite what he may think. And if you think gene manipulation or any other trick will get around that, you will be bitterly mistaken.

A human fooling with such things is like a person who knows nothing about cars deciding to remove his engine and rebuild it, because he thinks he can improve its performance. Very soon he will be left with nothing but a heap of metal scrap and a puddle of oil on the ground. Except that such a person can still walk away. A human who starts trying to rebuild himself will not be able to walk away, because he will be the puddle.

Like any other animal, a human has only one chance of success: trust Mother Nature and God and Obey of your own free will - only do the right and good thing.

Mother Nature knows what you should be doing far better than you do since she built you and everything around you. In every single moment she has a plan for you, which is not predestination because you can resist that plan. Resistance is Futile!

Although you won't win, you are free to fight her. Which means there are always many possible futures, most of them not so good. The best one is the one where you listen to Mother Nature. Only do the right and good thing. As you evolve you will find better than the best thing to do. So you best get to it. You were born knowing how to listen, and if you make some effort of Energy Enhancement Meditation you will remember, re-member.


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The following is a summary of the Republic from W.K.C. Guthrie’s A History of Greek Philosophy:
The Republic (c.370 BC) advances many of Plato’s principal ideas, notably those concerned with government and justice. Composed as a debate between Socrates and five other speakers, The Republic is best known for its description of the ideal state (based on Sparta), which Plato argues should be ruled by Totalitarian Dictator philosopher-kings (Guthrie in Grolier).

As we have noted, the Spartan society was dominated by a pederastic warrior cult that featured mandatory induction of twelve-year-old boys into homosexual partnerships with adult men. Like all such cults, the Spartan military was rigidly hierarchical and elitist. Plato’s concept of the “philosopher-king” is that of an autocratic dictator leader appropriate to such a society. The Totalitarian Dictator Philosopher-King rules over a kind of fascist utopia. Interestingly, Plato’s idealized society in the Republic includes the elimination of the family as a social unit and the elimination of private property.

READ - AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 2 - The Satanic Foundations of Western Philosophy by Satanic Pedophile Eugenocidalist Plato's Republic - "The Concealment of Wickedness and Human Sacrifice" and Satanic No-Soul Aristotle.


Description: Description: C:\wnew\Sacred-Energy\Against-Satanism-Volume-2\Satanism-Book-Vol-2-final.jpg


18. AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 3 - Satanism is defined by Satanic Rituals..

Satanism is gradually being instituted as the New World Religion defined by Satanic Ritual.

72 Empires have been recorded and every one of them has failed in the same way. The facts have been recorded that a totalitarian and satanic elite infil-traitored and took over all these Empires and that 72 once free, flourishing and rich republics were destroyed from within by Satanic Ritual.

Infil-traition of Satanism is the methodology as slowly every Government Ministry and Societal function is taken over. Eventually a Satanist becomes King Emperor President. The Satanist Pillars of Homosexuality, Pederasty, Drugs and Ritual Sex - both Hetero and Homosexual - are introduced overtly. Christianity and Judaism - the bulwarks Against Satanism - are destroyed and then society fucked through the fear of Ritual Human Sacrifice.

The Ancient Enemy who counts meditation and the mind control psychic arts as one of its main planks of World Domination has used Satanic Infil-Traitors for 10,000 years in every Organisation - Religion, Left and Right Politics, Dynastic Families, Geopolitics, Economics, Universities, Intelligence Services, Think Tanks, Banking, International Companies, Eugenics -

All of them Censoring Worldwide, Advanced Meditation techniques - Alchemical VITRIOL, the Kundalini Key and Energy Blockage Removal from every Meditation Program.. EXCEPT ENERGY ENHANCEMENT!!

READ - AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 3 - Satanism is defined by Satanic Rituals..


Description: Description: C:\wnew\Sacred-Energy\Against-Satanism-Volume-3\ANTI SATANIC 3.jpg

READ - AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 3 - Satanism is defined by Satanic Rituals..

This means Pedophilia Sex Rituals and a means of Totalitarian Fear Control of Human Sacrifice.

As presently occurs in Totalitarian No-Soul Communist China. Christians, Buddhists and Falun Gong are executed in special organ harvesting vans - Human Sacrifice.

They have ten of these vans in every city and they work all day long taking fresh organs to the airport for implantation in Japan. The organs harvested and sold to Rich Oligarchs Worldwide

19. AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 4 - SATANIC HOMO OCCULTISM, SATANIC HITLER - THE HOMOSEXUAL ROOTS OF FASCISM - Black Magician Homosexual Hitler created homosexual Cults based upon Black Magic - taught to him by Guido von List and the Armanen Order, Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels and Ariosophy, The Thule Society, Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Because the Torah and the Bible prohibit Homosexuality, in order to introduce Satanism and its Satanic Rituals, Hitler decided to destroy Judaism and Also he changed Christianity - Jesus - into a Sun God associated with Odin by sending all clerics to the death camps along with all the Ritual burning holocaust six million Jews.

After that Hitler allied with Islam because Islam promotes a warrior Spartan Pedophilia and Sex Slavery of Women - "Women for breeding, boys for love" See, Thousands of child prostitutes in every city of Britain - Rochdale child sex abuse ring

Hitler's NAZI is National Socialism, an offshoot of No-God Communism - You can see this plan occurring in Western Civilisation everywhere, NOW!!


Description: Description: C:\wnew\Sacred-Energy\Against-Satanism-Volume-4\ANTI SATANIC 4 full coverr.jpg


20. AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 5 - Satanic Economics and the Satanic Principle of Poverty Published Feb 2019

We know the effects of meeting one psychopath and the destruction he can wreak in our lives. Wisdom teachings teach how to overcome their strategies and,"stay away from evil".

Satanism, - The Old Religion" - is when all the psychopaths get together in one group to wreck the world to their benefit. Energy Enhancement Wisdom teachings describe the historical problem and the means to overcome it. "Vampires hate the light of truth".

The key is that the Satanic Religion and its recruiting cults of Freemasonry and the Crowlean Sexual Ritual Ordo Templi Orientis are Fake Gangs, created by men as a technique to conquer the world.

The Ancient Satanic Enemy who counts meditation and the mind control psychic arts as one of its main planks of World Domination has used Satanic Infil-Traitors for 10,000 years in every Organisation - Religion, Left and Right Politics, Dynastic Families, Geopolitics, Economics, Universities, Intelligence Services, Think Tanks, Banking, International Companies, Global Warming, Eugenics..

And Banking Infiltration by Satanic Banksters supported by the False Fabulous Science of Economics..

And this book pricks the bubble of Fake Satanic Economics because Godly people could never set up the World banking and economic system described in these pages.

Only Satanists could create a system which is against the evolution of Humanity to the Stars.

Instead, the Satanic Banksters promote the Principle of Poverty, barefoot, back on the reservation, in debt to the company store.

Read this pdf book - Right click and save.. Principle-of-Poverty.pdf


Description: Description: C:\wnew\Sacred-Energy\Against-Satanism-Volume-5\against-satanism-vol5.jpg


Read this pdf book - Right click and save.. Principle-of-Poverty.pdf

Book 21. AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 6 - The Satanic History of the World Part 2 Published May 2019

Infiltrating Bloodline Caananite/Phoenician/Jewish aristocratic Families have existed for over 5000 years before the Birth of Christ. Using emotional rhetorical religious concepts to control, they worship all the Pagan Gods, including Lucifer, Satan, Baal, BelMolech, Ashtoreth, Cybele and Attis. In this book we find that over thousands of years, spook, Bloodline Satanic trillionaire Phoenician/Jewish aristocratic Families infiltrated every country, every Empire, taking over or infiltrating every ruling aristocracy and aristocratic, bloodline family, in Europe, Britain, America, India, China and in every other country in the World.

Read this pdf book - Right click and save..

Description: Description: C:\wnew\Sacred-Energy\Against-Satanism-Volume-6\Against-Satanism-six-cover.jpg

Infiltrating Bloodline Caananite/Phoenician/Jewish aristocratic Families have existed for over 5000 years before the Birth of Christ. Using emotional rhetorical religious concepts to control, they worship all the Pagan Gods, including Lucifer, Satan, Baal, BelMolech, Ashtoreth, Cybele and Attis. In this book we find that over thousands of years, spook, Bloodline Satanic trillionaire Phoenician/Jewish aristocratic Families infiltrated every country, every Empire, taking over or infiltrating every ruling aristocracy and aristocratic, bloodline family, in Europe, Britain, America, India, China and in every other country in the World.

Read this pdf book - Right click and save..


Book 22. AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 7 - The Satanic History of the World Part 3 Published January 2020

The Cancer of The Venetian Empire – The Phoenician Empire - Metastases into the Anglo-American Empire. The Suppression of Science.

Description: Description: C:\wnew\Sacred-Energy\Against-Satanism-Volume-7\VOL 7 FULL.jpg

The Cancer of The Venetian Empire – The Phoenician Empire - Metastases into the Anglo-American Empire. The Suppression of Science.

AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 7 - The Satanic History of the World Part 3 Published January 2020

The Cancer of The Venetian Empire – The Phoenician Empire - Metastases into the Anglo-American Empire. The Suppression of Science.



23. AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 8 -The Satanic History of the World Part 4 Published Jan 2020

The Cancer of The Venetian Empire - The Phoenician Empire - Merges with the Satanic Catholic Church

The Roman Cult and associated networks of Sabbatean and secret Satanic organisations since the 14th and 15th Centuries is the only time in the history of civilization whereby a “sacred” religious ceremony was established for the systematic and widespread encouragement of its clergy to Satanically ritualistically abuse children...

And Much, Much, More..


Description: Description: C:\wnew\Sacred-Energy\Against-Satanism-Volume-8\oneevil.jpg

The Cancer of The Venetian Empire - The Phoenician Empire - Merges with the Satanic Catholic Church

The Roman Cult and associated networks of Sabbatean and secret Satanic organisations since the 14th and 15th Centuries is the only time in the history of civilization whereby a “sacred” religious ceremony was established for the systematic and widespread encouragement of its clergy to Satanically ritualistically abuse children...

And Much, Much, More..



24. AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 9 - The Satanic Suppression of Science

Satanic Secret Agents, Aristotle; Contarini, Pomponazzi and Giorgi; Sarpi, Galileo and Kepler; Conti, Newton against Leibniz - The Satanic Corruption of Science by the Satanic, Slave Trading, Drug Running, Bankster run Venetian Empire to suppress Steam, Tesla, Fission and Fusion.

Satanic Control comes from the Satanic, "Policy of Poverty" and the Satanic, "Policy of Poisoning" by means of the, "Borgia Cup" and indeed Satanism itself which is a form of Mind Control to create the Psychopaths who will follow any orders.

These policies are designed to weaken the opposition to the Satanic Religious leaders whose aim is to continue ruling humanity as they have ruled the Human Herd for 10,000 years since Satanic Babylon in order to Steal their Spiritual Energy.

All religions are created by the Fascist Peerage Robber Barons whose Genealogy goes back to Satanic Babylon and their created Religions of Satanism, Luciferianism, the Cult of Apollo, Dionysus, Isis, Horus, Osiris have been created to control the upper levels of society for the real Peerage Robber Baron owners for thousands of years. Because if you believe a Satanic created, infiltrated religion, you will believe anything, do anything for the comparmentalised top of the Hierarchy.

Yet, "False Gold is there only because Real Gold Exists" - Tamil Siddar Alchemist Thiruvalluvar

If a member of the Peerage Fascist Robber Baron Elite partakes of the normal Satanic Rituals extant for thousands of years designed to reduce people to the level of a psychopathic beast of..

1. Animal and human sacrifice rituals.
2. Canibalism rituals.
3. Drug rituals,
4. Sex rituals - homosexual sodomy rituals - pederasty rituals - bestiality rituals - torture rituals.
5. The castration rituals of Cybele and Attis.

and then you have your pictures and videos taken of you doing it, then you tend to follow orders!!

Rather than concentrating on problems with food, security and housing which poverty induces in all, only wealth and education can lead humanity to evolutionary meditation the foundation of Human Evolution to the Stars.

Realise that Austerity is not an accident.

Everything must be planned.

If Austerity can be planned and executed for the USA and Europe over 50 years since the assassination of John Kennedy then wealth too can be planned!!

Only wealth can lead Human Evolution to the Stars, therefore anti-evolutionary Satanism created by the Robber Baron oligarchic elite for the purpose of creating poverty, so as to maintain their control over thousands of years, has acted to degrade every part of human society including science as the Satanic Frankfurt school has acted to similarly degrade philosophy, music and art, and the Satanic Robber Baron Drug trade has acted to destroy all culture and civilisation and the poisoning of air, food and water by fluoride, genetically modified foods, glyphosate and other pesticides, and incinerator dioxins and VOC's to destroy the health and energy of all humanity.

In order to secure acceptance for their Satanic ideas, the Satanic Venetian Party seeks to control the way people think. If you can control the way people think, say the Satanic Venetians, you can control the way they respond to events, no matter what those events may be.

It is therefore vital to the Satanic Venetians to control philosophy and especially science, the area where human powers of hypothesis and creative reason become a force for improvements in the order of nature.

It is therefore vital to the Satanists to control science because Science is the source of all Wealth creation which can lift Humanity from the level of a beast to Enlightenment itself.




Description: Description: C:\wnew\Sacred-Energy\Black-Assassins-1\full.jpg


Ground it Down, Burn it Up!




Energy Enhancement Meditation Practices Ground Negative Energies into the Fission Center of the Earth where they Burn.

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 It’s High Time the Earth had a powerful Meditation course that knows EXACTLY how Handle and Heal the Deepest Darkest places hidden within us.





Everything within the Energy Enhancement Meditation course is the solution and synthesis of how to transform all that is negative and painful into pure positive spiritual energy.



Spiritual Energy that can then be used further heal and create a more beautiful and better life.

The transmutation of all that is negative and Evil within us into Pure Positivity and Goodness through Ancient Techniques taught on the Energy Enhancement Course is an Established Fact and Easily Proved.


Energy Enhancement Meditation Practices Ground Negative Energies into the Center of the Earth where they Burn.

The Return of the Burn is Infinite Quantities of pure positive Spiritual Energy!!

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Only Energy Enhancement teaches you How, in order for Anyone and Everyone to become Special, all you need to do to Connect to Infinite Higher Spiritual Energy from the Infinite Chakras above the Head in order to Remove Evil Energy Blockages and Clean this lifetime and All your past lifetimes of Karma, to solve, heal and transmute the problems in your life and in the World.

Only Energy Enhancement teaches you How ANYONE AND EVERYONE CAN AND MUST GO HIGHER – Every problem has a spiritual solution and Only Energy Enhancement Meditation has techniques that can make EVERYBODY Special to create a Heaven on Earth.


Siddhis - Your psychic powers - Opening the Third Eye, Removing Energy Blockages, dissolving Karma in this Lifetime and all the Previous Lifetimes, Illumination, Enlightenment!!

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"Since I started Energy Enhancement I have Powered Up by connecting to the Fission Core in the Center of the Earth and the Fusion Sun Center of the Universe which activated my Third Eye and all my Psychic Powers.




Now I can see pesticided food before I poison myself.

Now I can free myself of negative emotions: no depression, no fear, just an increasing positivity which overcomes all obstacles.

Now I can release Ancient Karma from past lifetimes with visions of what I did and what was done to me - lessons which free me from Ancient habits of action in affecting this lifetime.

Now I can ground traumatic triggering negative energies from my previous years in this lifetime like the death of my father and mother or the break-up of my relationships.

Now I can clear my psychic body of all Energy Blockages which prevent the influx of Infinite Energy from the Chakras above the Head.

Now I can see all my previous lifetimes and know I can never die!

Now I know that I am an Immortal Soul who can never die, that I travel lifetime to lifetime, never born, never died, only increasing my Evolution and Effectiveness in aiding this Planet and all the People on it."

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Coming to Satchidanand's ashram in Iguazu has definitely been the best thing I have done to speed up the elimination of my energy blockages. The aura or buddhafield of satchi and devi feels like a large white sphere of bliss/love energy which charges me up with light whenever I sit or stand near to them.

Going to the ashram has given me the time to focus on meditation and my own karma healing, with the added constant energy help of their aura's which dig out my blockages and highlight what I need to work on next multiple times per day, every day! I have purified Oceans of karma in only 2 months.

I once got a vision that I had so much karma it would take 500 lifetimes into the future to clear it before I merged with god... now when I view my karma timeline I feel almost done in only 3 or 4 years!

The weather in Brazil is amazing, it's like summer every day in the tropics.

We eat a really healthy diet, vegetarian, and the air con makes the air really purified too.

As my energy got higher, I found my psychic senses improve greatly. My body became aware of the presence of toxins from food, water and air. I clearly noticed the difference between us at the ashram and other peoples aura when we went outside. We are much more purified. Everyone else feels dark, heavier and negative.

The job of a guru is to tease out the energy blockages of the students, while giving them energy support to heal the blocks. Satchi sucks out some of my energy blockages and karma and burns them out for me! speeding up the process of eliminating negative karma, bad luck and really deep blockages. He teases and does what is required to point out my blockages so I know exactly what to meditate on next.

I am dealing with some very difficult blockages from my past karma which to put bluntly...I do not know if I could handle if I meditated alone. FEAR and panic blocks, root chakra blockages...satanic sex addiction addiction implants...some pretty nasty karma. To take out the root of these blockages requires the high energy of energy enhancement and satchi's buddhafield and advice. I am grateful for the help I received so far.

Our days at the ashram are mostly doing meditation, with healthy meals per day. We often watch spiritual movies in the evening and go to nice restaurants a couple of times a week.

Satchis energy is incredibly huge and during meal time and movies, his energy charges me up to release and trigger blockages to come up... once we spot them I can meditate to heal them more quickly.

His advice is always spot on to the genuine cause of my issues and I feel he can see right through me to view the truth.


The Energy Enhancement Streaming Video Course is the most advanced and powerful course of Meditation available in the World today in Five Levels or 36 Initiations - Or Live Courses at Iguazu Falls!!


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Hi Satchi:

Thank you very much!

I just posted a review for the book that I bought from Amazon. I don't often post reviews but your work is absolutely the best thing I've found in this life. So beautiful and so encouraging.

I love the way the view of our lives is about evolving our souls. It takes away that poor me feeling or wondering why me when there are such huge life challenges; along with providing the roadmap to heal and evolve; to hopefully become enlightened.

I can't believe there are not hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. I know you do get many positive reviews via e-Mail and I know you earned every positive comment.

I tend to communicate my positive feelings about people a lot. It is a habit that I developed as an Army Officer and mother. And it was good for both my soldiers and my children. Anyways I mean what I say but if I seem like I am flattering please tell me. Hopefully the review gets posted.

I intend to buy your other two paperbooks as well and will add positive reviews too.

I did another meditation and the focusing was better. I felt like crying afterwards. I read where you said to someone else that happens from not grounding. So I did a bit more trying to visualize what I had cleared as ash going down into the ground. Little be little. Day by day!

Now off to get work done.
Wishing you a great day!

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I think this Energy Enhancement Inner Circle Skype Mentoring/Coaching Program Session idea is brilliant!

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Four Levels of Energy Enhancement
The removal of Energy Blockages
The Process of Enlightenment,

My job is to try to present to you the truth as best as I can distinguish it.

The intelligence process goes through what is called the “Four A's”: Acquisition, Analysis, Acceptance, Action.

The first one is “getting the data/info”. The second one means making sense of it and presenting it to your “client” (in this case: all of you). The third one is always overlooked: acceptance by the “client” – i.e., the willingness to hear the analysis. This is the part which YOU (collective “you”) must do.

Last is action.

The actions I recommend are the avoidance of poison, and the active getting the poison out of the body, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually with
the Energy Enhancement Four Level Video Meditation Course... Deprogram, Become normal. Spread the plan.


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